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I had a fairly nice weekend, for sandwiched in between four days of work I got to say hello to Liz, who was in London for about a nano-second.

We ended up going to a French restaurant and eating indifferent food with fairly appalling service, so at least she got the full London dining experience. *g*

Anyway, the ice cream was nice and it was lovely to talk to her. There's something very satisfying about speaking about fic habits out loud and catching up with people who one feels one knows pretty well and yet hardly knows at all because they live in a different country.

Am hoping to go to the theatre with Nick at the end of this week, maybe. Something kulchural at the Globe. Dunno if Macbeth is still on. Maybe I can persuade him to see a new play instead.

Can't really afford it but bugrit, I am tired of having no life.

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