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May the snot pass from us all. Amen. *g*

Today, more frantic purchasing at Ikea. A kitchen butchers block, a long shelf with concealed fixings, a new bathroom cabinet, and a billy bookcase in birch to go with the birch Pax Brevis wardrobe I bought on Thursday before I spent Friday wishing to die somewhere quiet where there was lots of Olbas oil and honey and lemon Tunes. It is very very large and deep and all good things.

SEP, I don't think we have Robin stuff here that isn't office furniture. Maybe they change the names in different countries. Anyway, it's deep, two metres tall and has either curtains or splendid foldy doors of a very cool kind. It's all particle board and veneer, but it will serve.

Those evil Swedish bastards. It's a good job I love them.

Also, the room colours are decided. The chimney breast will be in copper, which is darker than the name suggests, The rest --warm apricot with a 20% emulsion wash in cream on it. Never tried the emulsion wash thing. Hope it works. Then a broad band of copper at dado rail height to draw the eye away from the plaster defects.

I can't take the lining paper off because the Victorian plaster falls off if you're not very careful. It means replastering the whole wall and I can't face it.

Next, purchasing a bed for the spare room before the flatmate moves in. It's a good thing I have this new credit card with the 0% rate. Or perhaps a bad thing...

Just saw Gillian Anderson on London Tonight and holy mother of *God*, she sounds English. Gone totally native. Her blood is probably about 90% tea and digestive crumbs by now.

Seriously, it's very, very odd. She's gone all Kate Winslet.

And she's on BBC Breakfast Time tomorrow, which I will also be awake for -- although this is only because the brand new v. shiny washing machine


is being delivered tomorrow and they can come any time from 7am. Otherwise, you wouldn't see me for duvet.

And now HUZZAH! Next, an episode of Farscape I have never seen! Heaven smiles upon me. *g*


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Nov. 25th, 2002 01:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, here we have desks, CD cabinets (I have two) bookshelves and the huge, wonderful wardrobe that only costs $149 in Robin. You have to live with whatever color they'll give you (Lovely cobalt blue, celadon green, ugly pale yellow, off white, or odd or angey red plus birch veneer fronts)

Yes, we Swedish bastards are weird and wonderful!

I adore the sound of your bedroom colors. And hooray for backing away from the blue and yellow domination of your abode. I KNEW you could do it!

Hooray for the new w ashing machine!!!!

I have heard Gillian in English mode. It is truly odd. But then she lived there until she was a teenager and from when she started to talk, so I guess it's as legit as her Michigan accent.

I would hold off on the bed buying until th e new flatmate moves in. Maybe they have a bed already and will want to bring it. And it will save you money.

Nov. 25th, 2002 06:12 pm (UTC)
I feel I would be letting Lilydale down if I did not report this...

And you'd be totally right. *g* Thanks for the report. It's always nice to hear about the ever-mysterious accent. It's also always nice to hear about the ever-intriguing fashion choices. ::coughhintcough::

Also, the room colors sound great! So does Ikea, the store I most wish I could get to without having to take a really, really long trip.
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