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Havin' a strop

Re: Buffy

No he bloody isn't. He'd better not be or I'm going to be taking the cheese grater to JW's bollocks, and not in the fun S'n'M-party way.

Re: The Two Towers preview showings

You jammy sods. I hate you all (in a loving sort of way).

Re: work

Could I hate everyone in this office more? Anal retentive, nitpicking backstabbing wankers. I will feel differently tomorrow I know, because usually I think they're pretty cool people, but at the moment?

Loathing black as pitch.

I have the evil flu-ish thing of some kind, which I very much hope I have not passed on to visitors. It involves feeling like shite thinly spread on a piece of manky toast and not being hungry at all for about four days (not that this last thing will do me *any* harm whatsoever) and now losing my voice. Bleh.

And next week I get to be at my parents' house for four days while they argue about stuff that happened in 1973, the small dog goes bonkers and my father looks wistfully at all the booze he is longing to drink! Hurrah! Joy uncon-fucking-fined! *snerk*

You know, I swear too much but unfortunately, I like profanity.

I shall go away now.
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