K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

Lo, I have fulfilled one of the New Year's resolutions and the AOHell has bitten the dust. I have lofted the telephonic finger to them and woe betide the poor sod at the other end of the unHelpline if they bill me for January. Huzzah etc.

Its broadband service was too expensive and crap and I was tired of all-spam-all-the-time. I'm sure that the Viagra spammers and all those lovely people who felt sure that I wanted to view Teen Girls In Barnyard Adventures! are devastated, as are the Hot And Horny Housewife's.

(You know, I was always way more offended by that misplaced apostrophe than by the intimation that I might be keen on watching some old slapper get her knockers out, but that's being an editor for you.)

So, should any of you be on AIM, my new screenname is AquaticBint because waterytart was taken.

[That was an extremely unsubtle hint. I just want to make that absolutely clear.]

January 3 and already I am tired of bloody bran. Only 355 dieting days until next Christmas. Feh.

I had this entry all planned about mass observation diaries and LJ but unfortunately I owe several people email, I am at work, and I am running into my "can't be arsed" issues.

Maybe tomorrow, after THE LAST EVER SHIFT AT THE SATURDAY JOB (bells peal joyfully, popping champagne corks, sounds of cheering etc. etc.)

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