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I am a dolphin according to the test. While I appreciate that in general terms, the analysis is way off.

If anyone wants a quick character analysis, answer these questions:

(1) What is your favourite animal -- can be domestic or wild. Give four reasons why.

(2) What is your second favourite animal (again with four reasons why)

(3) You are on a path through a forest. Describe it. What kind of forest is it and what is your journey like?

(4) You are by the sea. What is it like and how do you feel about it?

Answers, if anyone can be arsed, next time I get to a computer

[this rigorous personality analyzer brought to you by Emmanuelle Deschamps, our sixth form French A-level teaching assistant in 1990]



Sep. 7th, 2001 04:53 pm (UTC)
playing your evil little game...
I give.


a) favorite animal: giraffe

-I like their colors
-I like their long graceful necks and pretty eyes
-I like that they're from Africa
-I did a research project on them in fourth grade and know more giraffe facts than anyone has a right to

b) second favorite animal: cat (yawn, I know)

-They're pretty and sleek
-They have character
-They make great pets--they'll snuggle sometimes but they don't always want to be at your side slobbering on you and you can go away for a weekend and just leave food on the porch
-They're nice to pet

c) Journey through forest thinger:

I suppose it's a nice, light-filled forest, probably redwood since that's what I grew up near. The light filters down through the branches and little dust motes hang suspended. There's this lovely, woodsy small, rather cedary. The path is soft, and while it meanders around a lot, it doesn't go up or down hill. Probably a little stream or two with a bridge across it, just for fun. The ocean is nearby, maybe down a hill, and you can just hear the sound of the surf.

::missing NorCal::

d) sea thinger:

It's a cold beach, cold sand, lots of wind. I have to be all bundled up because that's how it is up in Northern California. There are big, rocky islands just off the coast. I'm walking down the beach but not in the water, because it's so cold it would take your toes off. It's lovely just to walk here and think, and I like the meeting of sea and land, but I don't particularly want to go swimming or anything because I'm kind of scared of deep water. Lots of sharks around here. It's nice just to walk until the sun sets.


This is the part where you tell me I have the personality of someone who takes goofy tests, right?

Sep. 7th, 2001 04:54 pm (UTC)
Re: playing your evil little game...
And I too am a dolphin, though I can't figure out why. Never had much affinity for them.

-M, waving spiritual fins