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It is 5.45am and I am awake. You *know* that's not good.

Everyone is terribly far away at the moment. It's as if I'm looking the wrong way down a telescope at people to whom I should feel close. Oddness.

Oh well. If you see me, wave.y



Jan. 23rd, 2003 06:54 am (UTC)
::a queen mum sort of wave:: I got up at 12:49 with Sinus Muck coagulating and breeding in my body like... like a really gross analogy that I'd rather not complete. Then I went back to bed at 3 and got up again at 5:49, which really defeats the purpose of calling in sick if you don't even sleep through alarms, dammit.

I've felt that telescopic feeling as well, though I've never thought to explain it that way. Very cool -- the description, not necessarily the feeling itself.