K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

I wrote this earlier and then deleted it. But it still applies.

After a protracted period of enduring Ken Livingstone's "Symphony to a London Traffic Jam", (Popular alternative titles: "yeah, fuck you and the dodgem car you're riding into town on" and "Who taught you to drive, Stevie Wonder?") I am not fit for anything but snark.

Shut the hell up:

Those whiney asses over on LJ-news. You know what, if you can't cope with a three-post a day limit maybe you should stop posting every time your cat fucking coughs* or that bitch teacher gives you extra homework because you passed notes in class or someone ignored you or you see a picture of Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan that provides "definitive, for definite, proof that they are so doing it"**.

Because I *am* that bitch teacher, and I recommend that you maybe do a "hey, my cat coughed/that bitch teacher/I am *snubbed*, I may die/Domlijah4eva" combo and save me the trouble of having to scroll past four posts that bore me to tears.

Yes, it's your LJ and I don't have to read friendsfriends -- however, logical argument does not come into this (because it's my LJ) and I still want you to shut the hell up about it. I'm irrational like that.

As it happens, I think a three-post limit would suffice easily for most people -- occasionally there is some personal circumstance, need to vent, big national news event or media talking point or fandom KERFUFFLE (Note, no extraneous L, since I am being Ms Bitch today) which prompts more posts a day. So if they just made it 5-10-15, they could avoid much of the hassle

It's a free service. It's only a small reduction of privileges. Deal with it or cough up the money, you tightfisted pillock.


* No one on this friends' list. You only speak of genuinely amusing pet-related things.

**Also, on the Domlijah tip, you might like to double-check McNae's Essential Law for Journalists or whatever your country's relevant code is for the definitions of "libel" and "published" and "fiction". The slashers probably have a defence; you don't.***

*** Yeah, yeah, I know, no one cares. But I'm just being a cow today, so I thought I'd get that bit in
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