K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

Oh, you do talk some crap, moment #372:

You know when I said I could go cold turkey on LJ? Lies, lies, lies. I can only go cold turkey on LJ when I know I could have it any time. On Monday I was in the midst of composing a rely to something vivwiley wrote when my system went ::poof:: When I wrangled back to its proper set of programs, LJ would not load. Not at all. I was *bereft*. Mostly because I was at work and had nothing to do until about 6pm, but still... I wanted my LJ, DAMMIT

I'm like one of the smackheads in the 1980s government information films, all shivery and sweaty in bad clothes, saying "well, yeah, I do a little LJ from time to time, but I can 'andle it".

Heh. And now I realise that no one knows what the flying fajita I am talking about, as the only person on the friends' list from home was probably watching Button Moon at the time those ads were airing, whereas I was allowed to stay up until nine o'clock! Gosh.

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