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"tell yourself it'll be okay, remind yourself you're not just in it for the money"

* * *

And now, for cofax7, because she asked...:


0-30secs Best. 'Previously...'. Ever.

30secs: NO, BEN. No! Do not say it that way. It makes me need beer

1.25 John's moment in the Stupid Zone revisited.

2.30 On a shallow note, BB's eyes are beautiful here

3.00 "And now, on BBC2... Farscape meets Cold Feet".

5.30 "There's a bomb on the boss" [/Keanu] Heh. I crack myself up.

7.00 That's not very nice, John. Ooooh, continuity! (Or retread, depending on how jaded you are at this point)

7.16 CREDITS. :::waves sadly at D'Argo and Chi, raises glass of beer:::

8.45 Hay-zus! The Scarran emperor has a larger rack than Pamela Anderson. For this reason he is less scary than Our Lady of the Silly Hats.

9.30 "Hey there you with the saaad face, come up to myyyy place and live it up" [/obscure musical clue, some dancing ensues]

10.55 Ooooh. I've often wanted to do that with my work too.

12.03 Season Four: The season of vomit! :::drinks beer:::

12.30 Meh. All too easy, dammit

13.00 Okay, that is the third/fourth "UR" mention, which is weird. But after this season, I no longer believe that everything means something. Because sometimes it's a clue and lately... not

14.00-16.00 PILOT! :::gibbering Pilot love:::


17.35 RYGEL! :::gibbering Rygel love:::

18:00 BRACA! :::gibbering Scorpius love from Braca::: That's intriguing

18:30 Oh, this makes me melancholy. Feels too endingish.

17:00 OMG, that's funny. David Kemper, this is your brain on drugs. "In which case, chocolate!"

21:00 Urgh. Put him down, Sputnik, you don't know where he's been

21:33 Oh, Pilot. :::drinks beer, new can:::

23:30 :::Enough plot-related hand-waving to make Simon Rattle tired:::

25:00 Chiana. The hell?

[on a side note: the CGI for this is *beautiful*]

27:33 Cool. With the flag? Cool

27:53 Hope for us yet.

28:15-31:40 [slogan for multimillion dollar blockbuster movie, censored because of spoilage] And so everything old is new again. Reset.

Okay, I didn't like that. Too sentimental.

[entirely obvious ad break here]

32:46 Oh, bless 'im. It's so great to see him taking a major role again.

Gah, that's hackneyed though. And *again* with the Spanish.

34:00 Oh *that* was frelling cool. :::celebratory beer swig:::

35:00 That, OTOH, looks too much like CGI. Actually it looks disturbingly like a portion of the video for Enimem's "Without Me". Moving swiftly on...

35:33 Stark is a pain in the arse.

36:07 Oh, Chiana. No, you're not.

36:55 That's just *silly*. And again with the 50p!

37:59 Noooo. Ix-nay on the aybay talk! I may chunder. STOP! STOP! AN X-FILES FAN BEGS YOU!

38:45 Okay, that's quite funny commentary.

39:30 I am moved, DAMMIT, despite myself, and I do not wish to be. Gah. Yay Ryge, though

40:48 Aaaargh. Zaphod's evil twin! Flying out of DK's arse!

(I'm being unfair here)

41:53 Nooooooooo! Nooooooo! This is upsetting! The splash is particularly upsetting.

[But someone tell Han Solo that his Wookie is moonlighting]

42:15 Oh D'ARGO. Flower! Don't cry! :::joins in:::

42:38 "To be continued" :::weeps:::

43:00 CREDITS. These are not the same.

I'm sorry but there is NO WAY out of that one.

Except there probably is, in a drawer somewhere.

:::general vague crossness ensues, desire to spank Sci Fi staff and not in the fun, kinky way:::

* * *

Think of a huge world event, in terms of news, in the past five years, and what would you come up with?
:::gloat:::</i> so I am in hiding from current affairs. Johnny Marr, in an interview with this month's Uncut, says he made a conscious decision to cease reading newspapers or watching TV news around the time of the Soham murders and has been much happier since.

I can't do that, because of the job, but I am taking this weekend off.

Avoiding the news.

Pink fluffy clouds. Dandelion clocks pulled apart by the gentle fingers of a breeze. Sweet birdsong. Zen-like calm. Tra la la.

* * *

If one more person asks me if I am worried about flying when there is a war on, there will be yelling.

No. I am not. [insert standard disclaimer about being run over by a bus]

In the words of my favourite football chant: Al-Qaida can stick their fucking camels up their arse. (To the tune of "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes")

* * *

My mother is descending on me this weekend for her first holiday in almost 18 months.

She hasn't had more than a day off work since my dad got ill in November 2001, and she works a seven-day week. It's her birthday and this has to be perfect for her, because she puts up with a great deal of nonsense and I want her to be happy.

Things I will not be talking about with her: immigration, race, Tony Blair, the Royal Family, how her political views are slightly to the right of Attila the Hun *g*

I've bought her tickets for a couple of musicals, and I am going to take her to see the "Aztecs" exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art

I went to see this last week as part of a double-header with the V&A's small but illuminating exhibition of propaganda posters ( interesting but scattershot; it's a private collection donated to the museum and it's patchy on the parts that really interest me. I wanted to see more Soviet art from the 30s (repugnant regime, *great* posters). I did like the Vietnam and 80s posters, mostly because I could work out a good deal more of the context.

The Aztecs, though, is a superb job. It gathers together a great many of the archaeological treasures found at the time of the excavation of the Templo Mayor in Mexico City, other extant devotional art and the Codices brought back by the Jesuits who went central America and places them in a context that we can understand, taking a look at life, death, and living in Tenochtitlan.

It shows just what a rich culture they were and how ill they've been served by popular myth, which tends to concentrate on their bloodthirsty ritual -- human sacrifice, perpetual war, wacked-out shamans drinking hallucinogenic cactus byproducts

I was amazed by how sophisticated and playful a great deal of their art is, how syncretic a culture it was. The exhibition takes care to place them in a line of evolving American civilizations and to show how much they took from their predecessors.

Anyway, should it go to the US, go see it.
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