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Things I thought I would never say Pt.1

I love Robin Cook. Bless the [ETA: *EX*-] Leader of the House of Commons's pointy ginger head.

I always thought he was a malevolent, beardy little troll who couldn't keep his teeny-tiny plonker in his pants, but his resignation speech was an Exocet to the heart of the Blair government. Bless him for saying everything we were thinking.

Now is the time for Clare Short to prove that she is not all mouth and trousers, or we will lose all respect for her.

I have had a lovely day. London is sunny (like that first day when you were here denyeverything1, only *hot*) and I went to The Globe and did the tour, walked from the Hungerford bridge to the Millennium Bridge, ate out, then watched a fantastic performance of "My Fair Lady" at Drury Lane.

This time next week I will be in California. Huzzah!

No I am not worried about flying, for the fifty-zillionth time.

I am ignoring the news until I have to go to work. That twisty-underpanted, IQ-poor fragment of a man is about to appear on my telly, and therefore I am about to watch my "Lilo and Stitch" DVD because my usual comfort viewing, "The West Wing" does not work for me at the moment. (Bartlet wouldn't play with his dogs on the eve of disaster. The president is badly advised.)

I am choosing to ignore the fact that we are being led into war by an unaccountable government, most of whose constituent members could hide behind a fucking *spiral staircase*, and who ignored two million people on the streets of London and the biggest parliamentary rebellion since Gladstone's day.

I wasn't absolutely against a war in principle, because Saddam is an evil bastard, his son is psychopathic and the Iraqi people would be better off without him, but I think this way of doing it will wreak havoc in the international community.

Though I will say that the mood in the country is more pro-war than it was a few weeks ago -- largely because of French cynicism. Tonight, on stage, Stephen Moore made a crack about the French and almost won a standing ovation. I think Chirac's stance is hypocritical. (However, the US can't freeze the French out in a foolish way after this. International diplomacy is not a game for children. You have to play with people you don't much like.) But as far as Britain goes: nothing we like more than giving the French a good kicking -- when we're not on holiday there, yattering about how much we love France. It's a childish mutual sport.
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