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ETA: J.K. Rowling is now richer than the queen. Go JK *g*

I was lurking about on the marvellous plagiarist.com while waiting for some dilatory bugger to file copy and I found this:

When First We Faced, And Touching Showed

When first we faced, and touching showed
How well we knew the early moves,
Behind the moonlight and the frost,
The excitement and the gratitude,
There stood how much our meeting owed
To other meetings, other loves.

The decades of a different life
That opened past your inch-close eyes
Belonged to others, lavished, lost;
Nor could I hold you hard enough
To call my years of hunger-strife
Back for your mouth to colonise.

Admitted: and the pain is real.
But when did love not try to change
The world back to itself--no cost,
No past, no people else at all--
Only what meeting made us feel,
So new, and gentle-sharp, and strange?

Philip Larkin

So, back on the Larkin kick again. Back on the plagiarist.com kick again.

lilydale, new band alert: You remember what it was like when you heard Hem and thought "oooh, shiny!"?

I just heard The Delays, and they're like the Cocteau Twins crossed with late-60s janglepop or possibly a Cranberries it's okay to like. Go listen.
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