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I downloaded Buffy last night


I really, really don't care about any of these people and I should. Right now, I should care passionately about these people, albeit in an it's-only-TV way, because watching S1-7.12, I did.

They should have spent the last five episodes making me care about Willow and Xander and Anya and Spike and above all, about Buffy. And as for pod-Giles? Feh.

It's like the end of XF all over again only most of the people I read online are that bit more bitter and pulling out the XF-burned-me-so-bad card, to which I say "frigging yarg", in lieu of a more coherent response.

Yarg should be a word.

I hope that ME does what 1013 did at the end of season seven, after the utter nadir that was Shite Club and pulls out two episodes that reminded everyone why they loved what they loved in the first place. Lots of people could do to be in love with Buffy again. It would make them happier online, thus sunshinying up my friendsfriends list. Only minus an equivalent for the last five minutes of Requiem, because who could stand that volume of outraged shouting again?

Sunshinying should be an adjective.

[Notice me not touching the issue of season eight and nine? Mytharc stories excepted, I pretty much liked 'em once I had got used to the change. More or less. Give and take. Comme ci, comme ca. Liked the boy Doggett and even liked loopy-but-honest Reyes, but I realise this is not a common view]

This morning I was more keen to watch the downloaded Smallville than Buffy (though I did not because, feh, work) because at least I know I'm not watching Smallville for the quality of the writing or plotting. I am watching that for the dumb fun of it, and so I can heckle it and for the sleek camp joy that is Michael Rosenbaum's Lex.

You can tell I am not a proper Smallville fan because I quite like Lana. Yes, she's shallow but she's trying not to be, and yes she's manipulative and turns on a sixpence and yes, I prefer Chloe too, but HELLO, Lana's a teenager and she's got abandonment issues.

She can't interfere with the HoYay in your head, can she? LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE. < g >
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