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Thanks for all your kind and lovely comments the other day. I hadn't meant to vent quite that much but it really helped just to write it all in a fury. Oddness.

I am driving up to Yorkshire in about half an hour, as my dad wishes to be chauffeured around the city so he can buy stuff this afternoon. (He forgot how to drive and now he isn't permitted anyway).

This gives him a clear window of at least an hour when we're trapped in the car and he can tell me how my life should be improved, which will amuse him greatly *g*

He sounded in grand form on the phone.

I have to drive back on Sunday morning because I am doing the FP shift at work on Sunday. First time ever designing the front pages. As Bridget Jones might say 'v.v.good. And yet v.v. bad. Am cacking self.'

Because I got in at 2am last night and *had* to get plenty of sleep for the long drive, I was awake until 5am. I finished "Angel" by Marion Keays, which was a load of chicklit nonsense, then I wrote stuff. I would roll my eyes at myself but it was only 155 words

Heh. I remember writing stuff. Well, vaguely.

I was amazed by how many people didn't like the Buffy finale. I guess that the whole thing boils down to me being easy to please as long as it feels right (in a manner much better described by haphazardmethod)

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

I send good vibes Japan-wards for you, C. May heads be pulled out of arses, sharpish

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