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'Little man, little man, must is not a word to use with princes..."

Dude, I'm like the Switzerland of LJMatch. Compatible with almost everybody.

I'm hearing the Orson Welles cuckoo clock speech as we speak.

ooooh, the glass is half-empty, the glass is half-air, the glass is quite crappy, and now I despaaaaaiiiirrr!

I don't really believe that this thing is any bloody good whatsoever.

I bought the book that goes with the TV series "1940s House" on Saturday. How does it rock? Like a mutha. It is extremely interesting in the details.

I'm watching The Falklands Play, which was banned by the BBC at the time for presenting too sympathetic a view of Thatcher. I guess it's good for me to watch this. Good for my Thatcher-loathing soul.

Okay. Done now.

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