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1. Do you consider yourself an avid reader? Why? Why not?

Not so much as I once was. Before the internet, I read two or three books a week (of course, some of that was to do with commuting by Tube as well). Post-internet, one a week at most.

2. What was the last book you finished? In one word, what did you think of it?

The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang. Shocking.

3. Do you prefer to read the book before its movie comes out or after?

Before. Because if they mess it up in the movie, you might never read the book.

4. Has the movie ever been better than the book?

Movies can improve on flawed books but I cannot think of one right now

5. Hardcover or paperback? Library or book store?

Paperback, from the bookshop, and I'll lend it to you but if you crack the spine or read it in that idiotic one-handed, bend-the-front-back way, I will drop you from a very tall building.

6. Recommend three books to your visitors.

The Crow RoadIain Banks. Prentice McHoan has a sexy older brother, a crush on the cousin of his cousins and his favourite uncle vanished a decade ago, leaving a dark secret. Can Pren grow up in time to stop being such a dickhead and solve the mystery? Of course he can. I love this book. It's flawed but it's sweet and full of amazing characters and great lines. Also? Best. First line. Ever.

Tragically I Was An Only Twin: An Anthology Peter Cook. I don't like all his humour and his life always seemed to me to be a story of promise unfulfilled but the stories I do like make me laugh so much it hurts.

A Landing On The Sun Michael Frayn. I just think this book is wonderful and I can't really explain why. It's about an investigation into a case of possible industrial espionage by a lonely widower, but it's not about that at all.

7. What are you currently reading?

Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and The 1940s House, which is a TV tie-in book
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