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I'd be really interested to hear opinions about this. I found some of the statistics in it close to unbelievable, but I trust the writer.

It's about poverty in Ohio.




Nov. 3rd, 2003 08:29 am (UTC)
and my city was gone
Logan, Ohio, is in the very pretty but very economically godforsaken southeastern part of the state.

That said ... unfortunately, there is not one statistical exaggeration in that story.

Some hunger stats: http://www.hungerinamerica.org/site_content.asp?s=59

Some poverty stats:

Read 'em and weep.

And I'll vouch in advance for every stat in the uninsured story promo'ed at the end of the story. (The writer will probably note that most of America's uninsured have jobs. If he doesn't, he should.)

Nov. 4th, 2003 05:59 am (UTC)
Re: and my city was gone
Re: the stats -- good lord. But it's a pattern repeating across the west: rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, some pockets of the country almost totally left behind.