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I'd be really interested to hear opinions about this. I found some of the statistics in it close to unbelievable, but I trust the writer.

It's about poverty in Ohio.




Nov. 3rd, 2003 01:55 pm (UTC)
NATIONWIDE a greater percentage of jobs have been lost in middle management. The article uses both national and local stats, as benifits it's message.

I am aware there are pockets of the country where automation and industry decline has decreased the number of jobs required.

Southern Ohio has been experiencing a depression since the early eighties due to the fact that so many of the jobs in the region, in fact, the region's prosperity was built in manufacturing. Computer technology, the shipping of jobs overseas to cheaper labor and automation of jobs that it took people to do before have stripped the work places of jobs. Machining is not a big focus anymore which means the job market is not booming in Southern Ohio.

Right. I don't argue this. But what's the solution? What sort of companies can employ these people? What sort of jobs can they do?

And what sort of hurdles (environmental and otherwise) do new companies face starting up in the region?

The situation there sucks for a lot of people - okay, I get that. So now what?

- hossgal