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I'd be really interested to hear opinions about this. I found some of the statistics in it close to unbelievable, but I trust the writer.

It's about poverty in Ohio.




Nov. 4th, 2003 06:12 am (UTC)
Where would I find the per capita statistics? Because it strikes me that these would be an average, which might disguise the fact that while some people are very rich indeed, some others are getting poorer and poorer in comparison and that's the part that worries me. How do you resolve that tension, given that comparative poverty leads to crime?

This is the thing upon which I think we part company, the role of the government in all this. I realise that you are pretty much on the Nozickian end of the scale when it comes to government intervention but I see it as the job of the government to provide for all, not just to provide opportunity for all. If that means carrying along a few lazy wasters for a free benefits ride, then so be it. I'll pay those taxes, if it means universal healthcare and a free, good education for all.