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I'd be really interested to hear opinions about this. I found some of the statistics in it close to unbelievable, but I trust the writer.

It's about poverty in Ohio.




Nov. 4th, 2003 06:26 am (UTC)
And nobody really wants to hear the hard answers - which are: "You live in a country with a high standard of living, in a world that has a low standard of living, and things are starting to even out."

And that hits the nail on the head, *exactly*. The question then becomes "how do we tackle that?"

I favour the use of taxes to provide healthcare and food payments to even it out but those fall disproportionately on middle income families (and me, dammit) and are hard to sell electorally. Given that the better-off vote more often than the very poor, that's a very hard sell indeed.

However, I think you go too easy on the government with regard to the economy. It's true that they cannot do anything about the large-scale cycles of the world economy, but they have huge latitude to effect changes within those cycles, using taxes, regulation, money supply and interest rates to name but a few. Blunt weapons to be sure, but weapons none the less.

The government *does* take the credit for economic improvements and you can bet that President Bush is going to be trumpeting the 7.2% growth rate in the US economy in the last quarter.