K. (infinitemonkeys) wrote,

Last night, in what Channel 4 heavily advertised as "Black Friday", we saw the back of Friends, in an episode I can only describe as stunningly mediocre and awash with fake sentiment, and then the start of Big Brother 5, in which we were introduced to 12 of the most irritating, arrogant people to walk this earth.

I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire and I'd drunk a gallon of Diet Coke not two hours ago. I couldn't have spent more than five minutes with any one of them, never mind 10 weeks in a house with only ten beds and a see-through bog.

I shall be doing a lot of reading this summer (though I usually succumb and start watching somewhere around week 6 or so)

ETA, who am I kidding? Unless eagles swoop from the skies and pluck my eyes out, I'll be watching by week six.

At some point or other, remind me to write a defence of (small amounts of) reality TV. Or maybe I could get a life. One or the other.
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