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Footie, a musical excursion

Likexsabx, I will likely be talking about the footie a lot in the weeks to come, thanks to the European Championship. Norway have not qualified, the donkeys, so all my thoughts will be with England, as the entire nation watches them carry out their traditional manoeuvre of playing really *really* well in just one game, to get everyone's hopes up, then crashing and burning in a pathetic display of mediocrity and whinging about the ref.

Speaking of mediocrity, last night Sven Goran Eriksson put out his best team, who achieved a 1-1 draw with the mighty Japanese. Japan aren't a bad side actually, but they're still about 18 ranking places below England. Perhaps as a further little appetiser we could lose 1-0 to the Faroe Islanders, who only play football if a frigging whale hasn't been washed up on the beach that day. Feh. Overpaid, underperforming, whinging bastards.

We're playing France first, who are European champions and play *beautiful* football, but who had a terrible World Cup, so they have something to prove. It doesn't take Mystic Meg to see that unless England are on top form, a serious twonking is on the cards.

Then there's the joy of wondering which dregs of society will lurch their way to Portugal to shame the nation. There are more than 2,500 banning orders in force this year -- known hooligans who are not allowed to travel while the tournament is on. However, I'm sure that there are scores who haven't been caught yet, not to mention the ordinary lads who go out, get beered up and start fighting the dregs of other European societies because everyone knows that England fans are up for a fight.

Tra la la. How we love international football tournaments held in Europe.

* * *

I spent most of yesterday downloading music and thus doing my bit to wreck the music industry and make it so that the companies are so poor OMG!!11! that ALL we will have to listen to in the future are CDs of Jessica Simpson singing Memory, accompanied by Yanni on the Stylophone or reissues of vintage Demis Roussos singles and it's the end of the world as we know it OMGWTFBBQ!111! (c) Music Industry Execs everywhere.

Much as the thought of BMG's execs being too poor to afford Lamborghinis and slappers makes me cheerful, the fact is that when I *like* what I downloaded, I usually buy a proper copy anyway. Most people do when they start earning enough to afford it. Next on the shopping list is the soundtrack to Whale Rider, which I happened on while looking for Dead Can Dance rareities.

I searched for those, found the name of the singer, Lisa Gerrard, and thus moved to Whale Rider, in turn found a mash of Dead Can Dance and Teardrop by Massive Attack, which led to searches for the Cocteau Twins, whose singer Lis Fraser sang on Teardrop, which in turn led to This Mortal Coil (which I bought after downloading one song), and to the LoTR and Gladiator soundtracks.

The other day, I was searching for The English Patient soundtrack to get some of that stuff that's the theme for Almasy and somehow emerged into the world of Bulgarian women's choirs, and thus to the throat-singing of Tuva, which is *spectacularly* wonderful. If odd.

And now I'm going to track down an album of weirdo rumbly folk from southern Siberia, and all because I was spelunking on the internet for music without words to drown out the sounds from outside my window when I'm reading. This is the best thing about the internet, no matter what you came for, you can leave with something unexpected and wonderful if you wish.

And if music industry executives stopped snorting Colombian retard dust for just one second, they might catch on to the fact that if they pile it high and sell it cheap online and set up links from one kind of music to another, we'll buy *more*.

Music is like the purest meme. Get people in the right mood and it's impossible to resist passing in on.

In that spirit, my 10 favourite downloads of the last year, with asterisks by the ones where I actually followed up and spent a tenner of my hard-earned on an album. These are big old thumbs-ups, natch:

1) "Thirteen" Big Star
2) "Spit on a stranger" Pavement *
3) "An Ending (Ascent)" Brian Eno * (this was the music used over the trailer of 28 Days Later)
4) "Everybody's Changing" Keane *
5) "Deep in the Heart of Tuva" Huun Huur Tu
6) "Go Forward" Whale Rider OST. (Sounds *incredibly* like the Scully angst angel music from S8 but in a good way)
7) "Song to the Siren" This Mortal Coil *
8) "Step On Man", Missy Elliot v Happy Mondays (Four-minute Man mashed into Step On)
9) "The Rat" The Walkmen (I cannot describe how wonderful a record this is)
10) "Made of Stone" Stone Roses (808 State remix) *(sort of. I have almost everything else the Stone Roses recorded, so I've done my duty by them)

Anyone got anything else I should download and try? I can always plug it in while I'm searching for the elusive Gorka track that cofax7 recced.
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