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** For SEP, Bat icons from her scans, as specified...

::1:: ::2:: ::3::

::4:: ::5:: ::6::


** Two other Clay icons for sharinlilbit if she wants 'em

** For vivwiley, a moving day icon, and for revely a London icon (which is harder to do than I thought, as every good picture seems to have watermarks and every cheesy one doesn't)

(It's a Nebraska courthouse being moved by train)

** For leadensky, some school icons

::x:: ::y:: ::z::
(the last one is of one of my bookshelves)

** For angstville, a Jack icon if she wants it. I'll get onto the other pics at the weekend. Also, a Charlie because I love smack'ead Charlie. Also Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland, randomly

** For xsabx, Billy Zane, looking rather like Billy Corgan. If you want ones with hair, let me know.

** And finally, randomness. Help yourselves, if you want 'em. There's Shaun of the Dead, MI-5/Spooks, Thelma & Louise, Paul Bettany, and a bit of XF

::a:: ::b:: ::c::

::d:: ::e:: ::f::

::g:: ::h:: ::i::

::j:: ::k:: ::l::

::m:: ::n:: ::o::

Caps by me, mostly, brushes by Hybrid Genesis (the brushes bit is down right now), pekeana and crumbling IIRC

Help yourself if you want them, no worries if you don't

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