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(1) Happy belated birthday to barkley and many, many happy returns to sharinlilbit. May you both have a wonderful year to come

(2) You should all download Spooks 3.06. Good grief.

(3) If lenadances and christhetoken are still interested in downloading comedy shows, they should definitely look into downloading Little Britain, which was utterly disgusting, puerile and very, very funny. Anthony Stewart Head is looking rather lovely in it. I'm not sure whether the links are the funniest thing in it or not but they crack me up all the time. "Britons, or as they are known all around the world, scum..."

There's been so much great comedy on the BBC and C4 lately. The Smoking Room has taken over from where The Office left off, though it's neither as real nor as excruciating or as ultimately affecting as that show.

Also, French and Saunders was really funny this week.

Can you tell I have no money? And that I can't afford to go out?

I have a new icon and I love it very much. It's of The Supreme Evil.


Nov. 15th, 2004 05:10 pm (UTC)
In this country it's considered de rigueur to wave while making the victory V sign, nails facing the person to whom you are waving.

Took me a second, but I got that. {g} If I had not prevented the Boy from stepping out into the street into the path of the oncoming motorcade, he would have gotten a positively Nixonian double victory sign.

But we were too busy gawking at the level of artillery loaded onto some of the motorcade vehicles to really care who was in the limo. Those were some impressive guns poking out of the top of the SUVs, even by our standards for impressive hardware. Wow. Both kids talked about it all day, and these are kids who yawn at Humvees with rocket launchers (seen 'em. snore).