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Oh you utter, utter bastards

Dear friends list people,

Please download the season finale of Spooks forthwith, so I can talk about it. The Holy Shit Quotient was 11 -- one louder -- even though I kinda sorta knew it was coming.

Those utter, utter bastards -- and I mean that as a compliment.

Also, season four is filming already.

Finally, the actors who play Harry and Ruth admitted on the BBC3 documentary on the series shown after the finale that they were playing it as if Ruth and Harry were very attracted and a bit in love with each other. I believe the technical term they were looking for was USTy. Am in love with this idea. Ruth/Harry OTP.

While you're downloading, get The Smoking Room, which was very funny tonight.

But Spooks though... Oy. I love that show.
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