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Last night I dreamed of Magrathea...

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is on the TV right now at work

*subliminal message to night editor* TURN UP THE VOLUME DAMMIT */subliminal message*

and it is filling me with nostalgia, even though the TV series minged a bit compared to the Radio 4 original show. I'm starting to think teenaged things like "how can Douglas Adams be dead when Margaret Thatcher is not?"

And it's two, short perilous steps from there to wearing black from knickers to Kickers and writing bad poetry about how life's just not fair, so best not, eh?

A factoid: Douglas Adams came to the name Slartibartfast by starting off at Fartifuckballs and then changing it syllable by syllable until he had something he could broadcast on the radio. *g*